Picture of the Day: The little ones are ready to go


David (Grandpa) Reeves submitted this photo and note: “Promise we’ll be back before dark Grandpa!”

Alaskan airpark is being railroaded


By Bob Gastrock

AK12, Alaska’s oldest residential air park, is in serious danger. The survival of Flying Crown Airpark in Anchorage, which has been in operation since the early 1950s, depends upon a healthy relationship with the Alaska Railroad and a 200-foot right-of-way (ROW).

But the Alaska Railroad Corporation (ARRC) has sued Flying Crown in a quiet title action. The airpark is now defending itself in court against a land grab by the Alaska Railroad Corporation. If it loses, it could set an unsettling precedent for all property owners along the railroad line, as well as hunters, hikers, and others who enjoy Alaska’s recreational bounty.

In the balance is not only Flying Crown’s future, but also public access for fishermen, hunters, hikers, and property owners throughout the state. 

Picture of the Day: White flight tribute

Murphy Schoemans submitted this photo and note: “The Victors, flying five P28As from the Aeroclub of Uursel in Belgium, did a tour of hospitals to salute the medical corps fighting against COVID-19.”

FAA releases warnings for GA pilots flying near Super Bowl LV

The FAA has published a webpage with information for Tampa area airspace and airports. The agency will update the webpage as additional information becomes available, FAA officials noted


A reservation program to facilitate ground services at the following area airports will be in effect Feb. 3-9, 2021. Pilots should contact the FBO at their airport to obtain reservations and additional information, FAA officials said. 


Pictures of the Day: Skiplane season

Megan Vande Voort sent in these photos with a note: “Trying out the skis at Pella Municipal Airport (KPEA) in Iowa.”

Picture of the Day: Magic moments

David St. George submitted this photo and note: “There are some magic moments in flight when it finally calms down and you get to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of our experience as pilots.

Picture of the Day: Money well spent

Robert Supina submitted this photo and note: “In November 1999, the Super Constellation from Kansas City was brought down to Houston Hobby Airport for the celebration of the grand opening of fundraising to restore the original 1940 Terminal/Tower Building. I obtained permission to park my 1937 Packard LeBaron All/Weather Town Car at the nose for pictures. ‘I’ll give you a ride in MINE if you’ll give me a ride in YOURS!’ I told the pilot. I let both pilots drive my car around their plane, and I got to fly back to Kansas City with them and get 15 minutes right seat time. For insurance purposes, I had to join the organization for $100. Then I had to pay $129 for a Southwest flight back to Houston. Money well spent!”

Pictures of the Day: Grandson’s first airplane ride

Mike York submitted this photo and note: “My 3-year-old grandson getting strapped in for his first ride in an airplane, a 1946 Champ 7AC. He hung onto the two tubes while we flew around the patch. When we landed, taxied, and shut down he asked ‘Grandpa, can we do it again?’ Future aviator!

Picture of the Day: Time to fly the new baby home

Gonzalo “Peewee” Curiel submitted this photo and note: “In April 2019 I gave my friend Ken Godfrey a ride in my Cherokee 140 to see the local sights. That flight had him thinking maybe he could do this. At 63 years young some folks think old guys can’t become pilots. Shortly thereafter he began training and soloed a few months ago. By the end of October and still a student pilot, he found and purchased this beautiful 1964 C172. This photo was taken the day I flew him up to get it from a neighboring airfield. Who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks?”

“Fun fact: He’s the fourth person I’ve given a ride to that became a pilot. And the second to become a pilot and buy his own aircraft. Long live general aviation!”

Picture of the Day: Beach skimming in Australia

Mark Albert submitted this photo and note: “My first and only gyrocopter flight was a complete thrill. The Magni Gyro is flown by the owner and we are just south of Home Hill, Queensland, Australia.”

Pictures of the Day: Merry Christmas


Gerald Griggs submitted these photos and a note: “Living on a residential grass runway, I decided to pull my Aeronca K out of the hangar and move it to the front yard as Christmas decoration. I tied the airplane down securely then applied decorations to the yard, including lights for the airplane. A few days later, right on schedule, came a beautiful snow creating this wonderful photo opportunity. Merry Christmas to all.”

Picture of the Day: Flying into the sunset

James Mondik submitted the following photo and note: “Flying into the sunset.”

12 Planes of Christmas

DALLAS, Texas — The Commemorative Air Force (CAF) has launched its “12 Planes of Christmas” campaign, which helps restore vintage World War II aircraft to flying condition.

Each year, 12 aircraft from the CAF’s fleet are selected to be featured during the “12 Planes of Christmas” campaign, which runs through Dec. 31.

The 12 planes chosen for this year’s campaign include:

  • P-40 Warhawk
  • C-45 Expeditor
  • TBM Avenger
  • PT-17 Stearman (two aircraft)
  • AT-11 Kansan
  • F8F Bearcat
  • PT-19 Cornell (two aircraft)
  • B-17 Flying Fortress
  • PBY Catalina
  • Fairchild PT-23

Picture of the Day: Moonrise over my Cardinal

Michael McLean submitted this photo and note: “Moonrise over my 1972 177B Cardinal at Mariposa Yosemite Airport (KMPI) in California. The unusual orange glow below the moon is from wildfire smoke.”

Picture of the Day: Moonrise at KHVE


Gordon Lester submitted this photo and note: “EAA Chapter 1601 out of Houston enjoying some spectacular scenery and powered parachute flying in Hanksville, Utah (KHVE). Photo by Leon Murphy with an iPhone camera. Dean Rayburn is in the yellow birdie laying out his chute for takeoff, while Wayne and Lisa Dewey fly by.”

Picture of the Day: Island hopping


John Carroll submitted this photo and note: “A formation chase over the southern Maine coast, with an RV-4 in trail and a Sonex in the lead.”

Picture of the Day: The next generation takes flight


Jennifer Thomas submitted this photo and note: “So excited for our son, Ryan Thomas, 19, earning his Private Pilot certificate in late October. Ryan is a fourth generation pilot on my side of the family. My husband, Jason, and I are both pilots and instructors, my Dad, Roger Saddler, is a Wright Brothers Master Pilot, and my grandfather, Charles Collins, was a pilot and instructor. Ryan is pictured with the Cessna 172 he learned to fly in and I got my instrument rating in back in 1992.”


Picture of the Day: Son’s first flight

Donnie Wall submitted this photo and note: “Pictured is Donnie Wall and my son, Theo, who is 2 years old. We are flying in our 1963 Beechcraft Musketeer. This is my son’s first flight with Dad, and he loved every minute of it.”


Picture of the Day: Sunrise flight

Dana Vanderark submitted this photo and note: “A great day for flying at Fallon Municipal Airport in Nevada. Lots of student pilots and seasoned pilots showed up to fly while there was a break in the smoke.”

Silver Lake Airfield saved

The Recreational Aviation Foundation reports that Silver Lake F S Strip Airport (45S) in the Fremont-Winema National Forest in central Oregon has been saved.

For the past several years, maintenance at the 3,000 x 55-foot runway had been neglected.

“Earlier this year the Forest Service discussed closing and de-listing the airfield because it was considered unsafe and a liability risk,” RAF Oregon Liaison Richard Mayes said.

Picture of the Day: The next generation takes flight

Warren Maberley submitted this photo and note: “Dad with the next generation of pilots. Daughters Millie, 14, and Elise, 15, go for a $100 hamburger at Bembridge on the Isle of Wight in Southern England. The C-172 is based at Shoreham Airport (EGKA).”

Picture of the Day: My new co-pilot

David Baldwin sent in this photo with a note: “For his 6th birthday, I took my grandson Jayce up for his first flight in the Kitfox. My new copilot, showing thumbs up, ready to fly. He had a great time!”

Picture of the Day: Stay away

Rusty Eichorn submitted this photo and note: “A good place for this storm to be — to the north and moving northeast. Whew! At Northbound Seaplane Base (5MN6) in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.”

Picture of the Day: Never know what you will find on the runway

Steve Sundstrom submitted this photo and note: “Treasures you find on the grass strip.😜

Picture of the Day: Kissing Cardinals

Mike Arntzen submitted this photo and note: “Kissing Cardinals: After 15 happy years with the Cardinal C177, it is time to move up to the Cardinal RG II C77R. Fun fact: Less than 150 miles and 15 years apart, both were found in North Carolina, and flown to Boeing Field (KBFI) in Washington state.”

Picture of the Day: Fourth generation pilot

Stanley Fortier submitted this photo and note: “My granddaughter, Hannah Fortier, had her first flight lesson today, taking her on a wonderful journey of being our family’s fourth generation pilot. Her great grandfather, Herman Fortier, became a pilot in 1947. He owned and flew Beechcraft Bonanzas (a 1947, 1948A, 1949B, and 1952C models). I, Stanley Fortier, got my pilot certificate in 1966 and bought a 1950 Bonanza B-35 V Tail in 1970. In 1980 we bought a 1980 Beechcraft Bonanza A36-TC. My oldest son, Rick, got his pilot certificate in 1990. We still have the two Bonanzas. And here comes, Hannah, making life more beautiful, all right here in Chico, California. We are blessed, indeed.”

Picture of the Day: One beach, three rides

Erissa Yong submitted this photo and note: “Three rides on Vargas Beach, BC.”

Picture of the Day: Wing nap

C Duffel submitted this photo and note: “Taking a ‘wing nap’ while floating in the middle of Lake Cushman in Washington on a Lake LA-250.”

Picture of the Day: Ready for a morning flight

Bill Rodway submitted this photo and note: “My Cirrus SR22T overlooking Runway 03-21 at Albuquerque International Sunport Airport (KABQ) with the Sandia and Monzano mountains in the background.”

Picture of the Day: All clean and ready to fly

Carlo Wise submitted this photo and note: “Spent this quarantine time washing and waxing the airplane and getting her ready to go.”

Picture of the Day: Just Married

Linda Goering submitted this photo and note: “Ashley and Ryan Goering on their wedding day, in Prineville, Oregon. Family and friends were seeing the couple off as they departed for Santa Cruz for their honeymoon. The Cessna 172 had been stripped and ready for paint so we thought it would be fun to spray “Just Married” on it. Ryan builds turbine ag planes for a living and the couple have since built their own private airstrip in Oregon.”

Picture of the Day: Bringing our girl home

David Finstad submitted this photo and note: “This was the morning that I flew our newly purchased M20J Mooney home after just finalizing her purchase, along with the pre-purchase inspection from the seller just days earlier. I had just pulled her out of the seller’s hangar and sent this picture to my wife. Getting ready to fly her out to her new home.”

Picture of the Day: Working on another rating

A student works on her balloon rating. She almost had a runway landing at Pella Municipal Airport (KPEA) in Iowa, according to photographer Megan Vande Voort.

Picture of the Day: Fake out

Rob Stapleton Jr. sent us this photo with a note: “The owner of this Taylorcraft had to put dolly wheels on his straight ski equipped T-craft to get to a better location to change back over to wheels at Birchwood Airport in Alaska, April 26, 2020. A late winter snow and a thaw this weekend faked out many owners of aircraft on skis.”

Rudy Frasca flies west

Flight simulation icon Rudy Frasca passed away May 11, 2020, at the age of 89. He died of natural causes.

Rudy was born on April 19, 1931, in Chicago, Illinois. He was one of six children of Anthony and Jenny Frasca. He and his wife Lucille (Matern) married in 1955 and moved to Champaign, Illinois, where Rudy started his business, Frasca International, and where they raised their eight children together.

The flight simulator icon started his aviation career when he began taking flying lessons at the age of 14 and soloed shortly thereafter. In 1949, Rudy joined the Navy and was stationed at Glenview Naval Station, where he worked as a flight instructor teaching pilots on the early Link trainers.

Picture of the Day: My two favorite girls

Colin Macdonald submitted this photo and note: “My wife Joyce and my N35 Bonanza on the grass runway at Cedar Mills Airport (3T0) on Lake Texoma, Texas.”

Picture of the Day: Protection from the virus

Jerry Cornwell sent in this photo, with a quick note: “I will not get sick!” 

Picture of the Day: Honoring COVID-19 first responders

Adam Santic submitted this photo and note: “On April 30, 2020, Whiteside County Airport (KSQI) in Illinois showed its support for area front-line workers in a BIG way by mowing a message on the lawn.”

Flight Outfitters Slimline kneeboards

Flight Outfitters has introduced Slimline Kneeboards, which feature a slimmer design.

The two new Slimline Kneeboards are similar in design to the original Flight Outfitters iPad Kneeboards, but without the side zipper case.

“The latest models offer a compact design for cockpits where space is at a premium,” company officials said.

Win a Cub, support a museum

The Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum (WAAAM) in Hood River, Oregon, is raffling a 1946 Piper J3C-65 Cub to raise funds for expanding the museum’s display building and maintaining the museum’s collection.

The airplane was donated to WAAAM to raffle off, which means 100% of the proceeds from the raffle go directly to the museum’s building fund, according to WAAAM officials.

Picture of the Day: First in at Big Goat Lake

Jeff DeFreest submitted this photo and note: “The ice was reportedly off of Big Goat Lake, high in the Misty Fiords Wilderness in Alaska — well, off the half of Big Goat nearest the old US Forest Service Cabin anyway. I flew the 1952 Cessna 170B on PK-2300s about two hours south from Juneau for a solo camping and fishing trip with a pot of chili, one bottle of Alaskan ESB, and a cigar! It was a great early season adventure in mid June 2009. Sadly the Forest Service removed this cabin a few years later due to lack of use and deferred maintenance costs.”

EAA AirVenture 2020 cancelled

EAA AVIATION CENTER, OSHKOSH, Wisconsin — The continuing uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizers of the world’s largest fly-in, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh2020, to cancel this year’s event at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

The 68th annual Experimental Aircraft Association fly-in convention was scheduled to be held on July 20-26, 2020.

Picture of the Day: Cheers and tears

Lee Fox submitted this photo and note: “The Mid-Atlantic Stearman Association recently flew an appreciation five-ship fly-over to honor the hospital workers and first responders at three Fredericksburg, Virginia, area hospitals who are doing an amazing job under tough conditions. Three passes in different configurations were made at each hospital. Fire trucks with flags at the end of their raised ladders and police vehicles with lights flashing surrounded the hospitals, while motorcades of residents drove by with signs and balloons. The response was cheers and tears from all those who stepped outside for a break from their arduous routine.”

Picture of the Day: Quiet morning flight

Todd Kinser submitted this photo and note: “Returning from a morning flight at I68, Warren County, Ohio.”

FAA to temporarily reduce ATC tower hours

The FAA will temporarily reduce the hours of operation at approximately 100 air traffic control towers starting the week of April 27, 2020, in light of the dramatic reduction in air traffic caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Picture of the Day: When the planes coordinate with the location

Megan Vande Voort sent in this photo with a note: “A few weeks ago I spotted these two planes on the ramp at Melbourne, Florida. The bright Cirrus paint schemes coordinate with the palm tree. It made me happy!”

Picture of the Day: Midsummer’s dream

Sparky Barnes submitted this photo and note: “Midsummer’s Dream: Fields of Flowers and Flying Machines! A Howard DGA-15P in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, July 2012.”

Picture of the Day: Pit stop

Tom Strong submitted this photo and note: “A beautiful day of flying with a friend and his RV-7A and my RV-9A. A short pit stop in Craig, Colorado, before returning to Idaho.”

Picture of the Day: Socially distanced fun

Eric Dumigan submitted this photo and note: “Keeping the passion alive. As an aviation photographer I’m always looking for new subjects to shoot. With the COVID-19 virus curtailing a lot of activities, life has become very mundane. I heard a pilot friend, Luis De Menezes, was going flying in his C-172 at Waterloo, Ontario, but was not sure where to fly as all airport restaurants are closed in Ontario. We soon devised a plan: Let’s do a fly-by photo shoot. Living in the country, near the Lucan Airport, with a single grass runway, I had Luis fly over for a few missed approaches. Luis had some fun flying, I got to shoot a few frames of an aircraft, and we did not get within 100′ of each other. For a little while the world seemed normal again.”

Students fabricate face shields and more for hospitals

Students at both of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s residential campuses in Daytona Beach, Florida, and Prescott, Arizona, are fabricating masks and face shields to help protect healthcare workers during the novel 2019 coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Picture of the Day: Ready for takeoff

Sparky Barnes submitted this photo and note: “NC52928, a Howard DGA-15P, on the takeoff roll in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.”

Want to disinfect your airplane?

Want to disinfect your airplane but aren’t sure what to use?

Now available at Aircraft Spruce is RealClean Aerocide Aircraft Interior Disinfectant, which provides sanitation of hard and soft surfaces throughout your aircraft.

GA advocates fight for extensions and exemptions during pandemic

Seven of general aviation’s advocacy groups have urged the FAA to consider extensions to examinations, pilot and CFI certifications, maintenance, and other filings during the COVID-19 crisis.

Picture of the Day: Incredible escape

Andrew Henry submitted this photo and note: “While in isolation for weeks now, flying my MTO Sport gyroplane has been an incredible escape. This photo is a frame grab from video after a three-hour cross-country flight landing back at my home airport, Carp Airport (CYRP) in Ottawa, Canada. The setting of the sun and touchdown could not have been timed better if I had tried.”

Picture of the Day: Reflections

David Robison submitted this photo and note: “My 1965 Alon after an evening flight at Spencer Municipal Airport (KSPW) in Iowa. Venus is in the background.”

Don’t let ’em close your airport

“In general, the FAA does not permit temporary closure or restriction of federally obligated airports for non-aeronautical purposes,” reads Compliance Guidance Letter (CGL) 2020-01.

This CGL is dated March 16, 2020, and was written by Kevin C. Willis, Director of the Office of Airport Compliance and Management Analysis (ACO-1), to provide guidance for “Handling Proposals to Temporarily Close or Restrict All or Parts of Federally Obligated Airports for Non-Aeronautical Purposes Related to Public Health Concerns.”

Picture of the Day: On its way to a new home

Megan Vande Voort sent in this photo, explaining: “Shane Vande Voort and son Meyer do a low pass in a Meyer’s OTW as it takes one of its last flights at Pella Municipal Airport (KPEA) in Iowa before it heads to its new home in Louisiana.”

Picture of the Day: First flight

Ryan Peck submitted this photo and note: “First floatplane ride with his Mom and Dad.”

Oregon pilot wins Richard L. Collins Writing Prize

Chandler Webb, a 19-year old commercial pilot from Oregon, is the winner of the second annual Richard L. Collins Writing Prize for Young Pilots.

His article, “Pilot in Command,” was selected as the entry that best answered this year’s writing prompt: “An event that changed or shaped the author’s flying.”

Chandler’s article recounts a long cross-country flight with his mother and father that didn’t go as planned, and the valuable lessons he learned.

Two-seat Aeropup kits now available in the U.S.

The Aeropup is a two-seat, side-by-side, experimental amateur-built (EA-B) airplane with design roots in Australia. 

“Aeropup was originally designed and headquartered in Australia,” said Don Fielden, founder of Fielden Aero. “The company moved to Spain and I secured North American manufacturing and sales rights.” 

Picture of the Day: Clear skies, clear ramp

Scott Smith submitted this photo and note: “Winter flying in Big Sky Country. Skies finally cleared so we took the Husky out for a spin.”

Picture of the Day: Touch and go

Megan Vande Voort sent in this photo with a note: “A Citabria does touch and gos at Pella Municipal Airport (KPEA) in Iowa on an unseasonably warm day.” 

Picture of the Day: How general aviation practices social distancing

Megan Vande Voort sent in this photo with a note: “After spring break plans were cancelled, Shane and Sullivan Vande Voort took to the air in their 1946 Aeronca Champ. If 6′ of social distance is good, then 1,300′ has to be ideal.”

AME offers tips to protect pilots from coronavirus

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association has published a post online with tips for pilots on how to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

It has suggestions from Senior AME Brent Blue about self-certifying, as well as what to do if you fly a passenger who becomes sick shortly after a flight.

It’s important to wipe down the aircraft’s interior surfaces “including headsets and mics. If they have a foam mic cover, it should be taken off the mic and rinsed in a 10 percent Clorox solution and dried thoroughly before reinstalling.” He also reminded pilots to clean the underlying microphone with a disinfectant wipe, and any touch screens, too.

See other tips in the full post here.

Picture of the day: Looking through the shop window

Megan Vande Voort sent in this photo with a quick note: “Looking through the shop window, a Carbon Cub waits out the weather at Oskaloosa Municipal Airport (KOOA) in Iowa.”

Picture of the Day: Showing off

Peter Bowers submitted the following photo and note: “Balloonist showing off at Gull Lake Island, Michigan.”

SUN ‘n FUN postponed to May

SUN ‘n FUN will be postponed until May due to concerns about the coronavirus.

Officials at SUN ‘n FUN and the Aerospace Center for Excellence “are deeply concerned about the developing crisis with COVID-19 and understand our responsibility to help in the fight against the spread of the disease,” they said in a prepared release.

SUN ‘n FUN NOTAM now online

The SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo 2020 NOTAM is now online.

The NOTAM gives pilots all the information they need for flying into the show, which is slated for March 31-April 5 at Lakeland Linder International Airport (KLAL) in Florida.

Picture of the Day: Almost 80 and almost 18

Tom and Evan Collier submitted the following photo and note: “Grandfather with 22,000 hours and grandson’s first lesson with a big grin and enthusiasm. Loves flying in the mountains in the Cessna Skyhawk.”

Picture of the Day: A good reference point for turns

Kevin Purstell submitted this photo and note: “Practicing right traffic takeoffs and landings at William H. Morse State Airport (KDDH) in Bennington, Vermont, in a Cessna 177 Cardinal. The monument makes a good reference point for your base turn.”

FAA expands Weather Camera Program to Colorado

The FAA is expanding its weather camera safety program to Colorado.

The FAA has entered into a cost-reimbursement agreement with the State of Colorado Division of Aeronautics to install weather cameras on 13 Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS) in mountainous areas, beginning in the spring of 2020.

These cameras will build on the success of a 20-year-old program in Alaska that has improved safety by providing near-real-time video to pilots from a network of more than 230 cameras across the state, according to FAA officials.

Global Navigation for Pilots updated

The Third Edition of Global Navigation for Pilots: International Flight Techniques and Procedures is now available from ASA.

“This book is for pilots who want to know more about both the planning and execution of international flights, from the basic knowledge of air navigation expected of an instrument-rated private pilot, and onward,” ASA officials say.

Picture of the Day: Iconic Iowa

Megan Vande Voort sent in this photo with a note: “Father and son capitalize on a sunny winter day at Oskaloosa Municipal Airport (KOOA) in Iowa.”

“I love this shot because it looks like what everyone thinks Iowa looks like, she adds. “This runway is truly plop in the middle of corn fields.”

Able Flight awards 10 scholarships

Ten people from throughout the country have been selected as recipients of an Able Flightscholarship for 2020.

Eight will train at Able Flight’s program at Purdue University beginning in May, one will earn a CFI certificate with his Career Training Scholarship, and one will become Able Flight’s first student to attend training at the Aerospace Center For Excellence in Lakeland, Florida, in October 2020.

Picture of the Day: Cessna at sunset

Clint Goff submitted the following photo and note: “What an amazing gradient of colors as the sun sets over East Texas!”

New GA terminal at KOCF opens

OCALA, Florida  — The City of Ocala will officially open the new general aviation terminal at Ocala International Airport (KOCF) on Feb. 28, 2020.

The project broke ground December 2018 and was completed within 13 months. The terminal received the official certificate of occupancy in January 2020.

The new 17,500-square-foot general aviation terminal includes office space for Sheltair Aviation, the airport’s FBO, airport administration, a large conference area, an executive conference room, and three rental car companies (Hertz, Avis, and Enterprise).

100 teenage pilots and counting…

LAKELAND, Florida — A milestone was recently reached at the Aerospace Center for Excellence (ACE): Its 100th teenage private pilot.

Supported by the James C. Ray Foundation and the SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo, the flight scholarship initiative began in 2012. When Blaise Kessler passed his final checkride on Monday, Feb. 24, 2020, he marked not only a major personal accomplishment, but a landmark event for the program.

“We wanted to create a special opportunity for young men and women to learn to fly that otherwise might not have been affordable,” said John “Lites” Leenhouts, ACE President and CEO.

Picture of the Day: Granddaughter’s long awaited first flight

Ken Thompson submitted the following photo and note: “I’ve owned my Ercoupe for almost three years, but this is the first chance my granddaughter Kimber has had to fly with me. The picture, taken just before takeoff, captures the excitement on her face and the pure joy in mine. She’s ready to go again!”

Kodiak helps fight Coronavirus epidemic in China

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, Chinese hospitals have been running desperately short of supplies, especially protective gear for medical workers.

That led 14 general aviation companies to step in to help, including Hubei Chutian GA, which operates a Kodiak STOL aircraft in China.

Picture of the Day: Summer toys snuggled together for the winter

Gregg Erikson submitted the following photo and note: “Summer Toys snuggled together for the winter. My Grumman Tiger, just out of the frame, does fly all through the winter.”

Picture of the Day: Winter in Iowa

Megan Vande Voort sent in this photo, with a quick note: “When you get a stretch of nice weather in the winter, you fly. This 172 sits after a training flight at Oskaloosa Municipal Airport (KOOA) in Iowa.”

Changes to FAA call sign requirements affect charitable flying

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New president for NATA

The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) has a new president and CEO: Timothy R. Obitts.

He succeeds Gary Dempsey, who assumed the role of NATA’s president after six years of service on the association’s board of directors, including a term as chairman of the board.

New CEO for Women in Aviation

Allison McKay will join Women in Aviation International as CEO Feb. 18, 2020.

Previously vice president of the Helicopter Association International Foundation, McKay will be responsible for the future strategic vision of the 14,500-member organization while overseeing the board of directors, professional staff, and daily operations.

Picture of the Day: Skyraider at Redhills

Jim McCloud submitted the following photo and note: “Skyraider parked at The Redhills strip in the Sierra Foothills in California.”

Picture of the Day: High school students’ RV-12 takes flight

Glenn Brasch submitted the following photo and note: “After nearly three years of building, Southern Arizona Teen Aviation‘s RV-12iS took flight on Nov. 16, 2019. Tito Sanchez, one of six adult mentors for the program, conducted the first flight honors, seen here as news crews zoomed in after the flight. SATA is a non profit organization and is well into building its second plane.”

Picture of the Day: Warbirds Down Under

Colin Fawns submitted the following photo and note: “The Australian country town of Temora in the state of New South Wales has one of the finest collections of warbirds in the southern hemisphere at the Temora Aviation Museum. The museum regularly conducts showcase days. Aircraft normally flying on these days are Spitfires, Hudson Bomber, Meteor, Dragonfly, Wirraway, Boomerang, Winjeel, Ryan, Tiger Moth, Birddog, Harvard, and more. Other flying aircraft undergoing maintenance are a Sabre, Canberra and Vampire.”

Rising costs leads museums to suspend B-17 operations

Officials with the National Warplane Museum in Geneseo, New York, have decided they can no longer afford to fly the late David Tallichet’s Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress, and will return the aircraft to the warbird collector’s estate.

Picture of the Day: When I grow up

David St. George submitted the following photo and note: “An amazing Helio on floats dwarfs my Champ!”

Picture of the Day: TwinBee

Thomas Hines submitted the following photo and note: “One of the few TwinBees still flying, UC-1. I believe there are about six still airworthy. My wife and I picked it up for the owner and flew it from North Carolina to upstate New York. There were no experienced instructors available, so I checked myself out and found it to be a very different airplane, locking tailwheel, STOL and amphibious. I’m now CFI in it.”

Picture of the Day: Winter flying in Sweden

Per Gillberg submitted the following photo and note: “A C-150 at Arvika Westlanda Airfield (ESKV) in Sweden.”

Donation funds flight sim lab at WACO Air Museum

A $32,600 gift from Collins Aerospace has led to the creation of a new flight simulation lab at the new WACO Learning Center at the WACO Air Museum in Troy, Ohio.

The Collins Aerospace Flight Simulator Lab will house four desktop flight simulators complete with yoke and rudders, as well as a certified Elite Flight Simulator that can be used to log hours towards both private and instrument ratings for pilots, according to officials.

Picture of the Day: Sunset reflections

Joyce Woods sent in this photo, with a note: “Enchanting sunset graces the ramp at Reserve, New Mexico, reflecting off the Bearhawk wing. Pilots arrived for a fun Gila Regional Fly-In weekend, with camping and fly-outs to Gila National Forest airstrips.”

Picture of the Day: Near perfect spontaneous conditions

Gregory Novotny submitted the following photo and note: “Friend and professional pilot buddy Mike Sutton took this photo of my Van’s RV-14A at Pearson Field in Vancouver, Washington, under near perfect spontaneous conditions.”

Picture of the Day: Cirrus sunrise

Jim Roberts submitted the following photo and note: “A Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet greets the day at McGhee Tyson Airport (KTYS) in Knoxville, Tennessee.”

Picture of the Day: War Bug

Lawson Laslo submitted the following photo and note: “My recently restored Ercoupe, ‘War Bug,’ at a pancake breakfast.”

Picture of the Day: Flitfire takes flight

Mike Taylor submitted the following photo and note: “Alamo Liaison Squadron in San Antonio, Texas, restored this 1939 J-3 Cub to resemble the Flitfire aircraft produced by Piper Aircraft. The aircraft resides at the squadron’s museum and is one among a collection of World War II L-birds the organization maintains in flying condition. (Photo by Paul Bigelow)

Picture of the Day: Enjoying the sunset from the back seat

David Wilson submitted the following photo and note: “Sitting in the back seat of our 2004 Cessna 172 SP, enjoying the sunset while my son, Kyle Wilson, who just received his nomination to attend the U.S. Air Force Academy Class of 2024, flies cross country with his instructor working towards his private pilot certificate. Just South of Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport (KLBX) Monday Dec 30, 2019.”

Picture of the Day: Study buddy takes a break

Susan Loricchio submitted the following photo and note: “As 2019 drew to an end, some of us set personal deadlines to pass written, oral, and practical tests for certificates and ratings before 2020…and additional changes/enhancements to FAA Knowledge Testing, with some taking effect Jan. 13, 2020. Here is my aviation mascot and study buddy, Cappuccino, taking a break.”

Pictures of the Day: Over Lake Tahoe

Kevin Quinn submitted the following photos and note: “Kevin Quinn over Lake Tahoe on a Christmas Day flight.”

First EAA Proficiency365 sim at KOWD

Wings Level Aviation Group at Norwood Memorial Airport (KOWD) near Boston, Massachusetts, has received its first Red Bird full-motion All-Glass Flight Simulator. With the FAA approved Aviation Training Device (AATD), you can legally log flight time, whether for currency or proficiency.

The sim at KOWD has been designated as the first member participant of the Leadership Group of the Experimental Aircraft Association’s EAA Proficiency365 initiative. EAA and FAA sanctioned scenarios, up to now available only at the EAA Pilot Proficiency Center during the week of Airventure in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, are now available for pilots wishing to stay proficient and attain FAA WINGS credit year-round.

F-35A Lightning II Demo Team, Thunderbirds to dominate the skies at SUN ‘n FUN

The 2020 SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo will be the first East Coast stop for the U.S. Air Force F-35A Lightning II Demo Team.

Also performing at the 2020 airshow, which is slated March 31 to April 5, will be the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds.

Picture of the Day: Morning commute

Chad Christopher submitted the following photo and note: “Andrew Barker of TruTrak uses his RV-4 to commute to work in the morning. Traffic is minimal and you come into the office with a smile on your face!”

Proposed rule on Remote ID for drones released

The FAA has released a proposed rule that would require unmanned aerial systems (UAS) — commonly known as drones — to be identifiable remotely.

“Remote ID technologies will enhance safety and security by allowing the FAA, law enforcement, and federal security agencies to identify drones flying in their jurisdiction,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao.

Picture of the Day: Ready to go

Steve Moody submitted the following photo and note: “My 1985 Wittman W8 Tailwind at home in the English Midlands, just out of a rejuvenation and ready to fly! This is a slightly modified W8 as redesigned in the 1970s by Andrew Perkins, who set out to produce a British compliant kit of this classic efficient tourer. Sadly only three examples were completed.”

Sporty’s updates leather flight jacket

Sporty’s has updated its leather Airline Captain’s Jacket, bringing the classic aviator’s jacket into the 21st century.

Developed in cooperation with major airline captains, it is identical to uniform jackets worn by flight crews around the world, according to Sporty’s officials.

Made from lambskin, the Airline Pilot Jacket has a zip-out Thinsulate liner.

Picture of the Day: Sunrise at the splash-in

David Coleman submitted the following photo and note: “Sunrise photo during the 2019 Otsego Lake Splash-In in Michigan.”

Picture of the Day: A surprisingly good skiplane

Harry Fenton submitted the following photo and note: “Harry Fenton’s 1968 Cessna 150H with a rare set of Fluidyne nose and main skis mounted. The 150 is a decent skiplane if the temperature and snow conditions are right. Ambient temperatures from 0°F to 20°F are best, with 4″-6″ of firm snow. If the snow is wet or too deep and powdery, then the takeoff performance degrades and longer runs are required. Frozen lakes with very long takeoff runs are the best, but this plane has been operated out of 2,500′ airstrips. With the O-200 engine, the skiplane 150 performs, well, like a 150 and is not overpowered for skiplane operations. In 6″ of wet snow, it has used every single inch of the 3,200′ runway on which it is based, so not a skiplane recommended for beginners. But, overall it is a surprisingly good skiplane and gets a lot of attention any time that it is out on the snow.”

Holiday spirit takes flight at KFTW

FORT WORTH, Texas — Instead of airplanes, Hangar 11N at Meacham International Airport (KFTW) was filled with toys Dec. 11, 2019, as guests of the seventh annual American Aero FTW holiday luncheon filed in with gifts to brighten the holidays for a child in need.

The annual celebration hosted by the FBO benefits the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program. This year’s event collected nearly 200 toys and bikes donated by American Aero and its clients, tenants, vendors, and area first responders.

Picture of the Day: Baby it’s cold outside

Colton Kinney submitted the following photo and note: “Pre-flight warm up.
Burt Ackerman and his 1946 Super Cruiser at Winsted Airport in Minnesota.”

Save the date for DeLand Showcase 2020

The DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase (DSAS) has revealed the dates for the 2020 event: Nov. 12-14.

Based at the DeLand Municipal Airport (KDED) in Florida, the 2020 event will be the fifth show for the showcase.

According to organizers, the 2019 event surpassed expectations, with 26 new vendors and exhibitors, and a 20% increase in attendance.

Free admission for those 18 and under at Oshkosh 2020

Electric motor powered aircraft have flown before. So this wasn’t that kind of first flight. But that doesn’t make it any less significant.

On Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019, Harbour Air CEO Greg McDougall flew the company’s MagniX500-powered deHavilland Beaver from the Fraser River in Richmond, British Columbia.

Picture of the Day: Avoiding Thanksgiving traffic

Cory Wolf submitted the following photo and note: “Spring in the Desolation Canyon along the Green River in Utah made for a great backdrop for my 1963 C205 in May 2019. In this remote section of the canyon, access is only possible by floating the river, by foot, or by plane. The pasture/runway has been used for decades to access this area.”

Picture of the Day: Landing on Yale Lake

Matthew McCoy submitted the following photo and note: “A photo of my nephew (and future airline pilot) landing on Yale Lake near Mount Saint Helens in Washington State.”

Picture of the Day: John Deere Air

Gary Kowalik submitted the following photo and note: “Imagination can fly. Farmer Elmer Schneider’s homebuilt plane gets off the ground in Chesaning, Michigan.

MT-Propeller awarded STC for new prop on Diamond DA 42

MT-Propeller has received an EASA STC for the installation of its new scimitar design 3-blade hydraulically actuated constant speed propeller on the Diamond DA-42 powered by two Technify Motors GmbH TAE 125-01, TAE 125-02-99, TAE 125-02-114 engines or the Austro Engine GmbH 4E-B.

The FAA STC is in progress.

According to MT-Propeller Vice President Martin Albrecht, the installation features the following advantages:

  • Best vibration damping characteristics for almost vibration free propeller operations
  • No engine modifications
  • Ground roll and takeoff distance over 50′ obstacle is reduced by approximately 131′
  • Climb performance improved by 10%.

The MT-Propeller natural composite blades have no life limitation and are repairable in case of an FOD.

Picture of the Day: Waiting patiently

Nathan Mackey submitted the following photo and note: “This Piper Cub waited patiently to be put back in its hangar as a recent fly-in wound down at Bradford Field (NC05) in Huntersville, N.C.”

Attendance up 20% at 2019 DeLand Showcase

Despite occasionally inclement weather, attendance at the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase, held Nov. 14-16, 2019, at DeLand Municipal Airport in Florida, was up 20% over 2019.

“Sport aviation is alive and well and the truly dedicated flyers out there simply would not let some clouds and sporadic rain keep them from seeing and sharing in all that was new and interesting in the sport aviation universe,” said Jana Filip, Sport Aviation Administrator.

Picture of the Day: Suspended over the Sierra Valley

Kevin Quinn submitted the following photo and note: “Kevin Quinn in his Carbon Cub suspended over the Sierra Valley, California.”

Picture of the Day: In Utah’s backcountry

Allen Macbean submitted the following photo and note: “Late afternoon sun lights up the red rock canyons behind our 1952 Cessna 170B at a remote airstrip in the Utah backcountry in November 2019.”


Photos illustrate RAF’s mission

The winning entries in the 2019 Recreational Aviation Foundation illustrate the mission of the association, according to officials.

Close to 200 photos were submitted from five geographic regions, including an International category.

Picture of the Day: Cruising along the coast

Jay Laughter submitted the following photo and note.: “Early morning photo op before the activities start.”

Museum of Flight launches online access to rocketry archives​

SEATTLE — The Museum of Flight has launched a new online resource for images and research papers that document the growth of the model rocketry industry and other research and developments on rocketry in the latter half of the twentieth century.

Fear: Real or imagined

Fear is a lot like stress.

Anthropologists and other scientists will argue that human beings were designed to experience stress as a lifesaving response to an environmental factor — lions, tigers, or bears, for example.

Picture of the Day: The coolest way to fish

Kevin Quinn submitted the following photo and note: “Kinley Quinn, 9, looking for fish.”

McFarlane acquires Flight-Resource

McFarlane Aviation Products has acquired Flight-Resource, a sales and engineering company specializing in the development of FAA Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) and performance improvements using MT-Propeller designs.

With the acquisition, McFarlane officials say the company is the “world’s largest volume MT Composite Propeller distributor.”

Picture of the Day: Short final

Ken Killian submitted the following photo and note: “After a beautiful November day in the northwest, it was time to land ‘Charlie’ back at our home airport, S50, in Auburn, Washington. Charlie is our 1978 Archer II. I have been flying for well over 40 years and I still feel a rush of excitement every time I lift off and a great feel of satisfaction with a squeaker landing, which Charlie graces me with most of the time.”

Picture of the Day: A nice day on Yale Lake

Matthew McCoy submitted the following photo and note: “Took my daughter Sarah up to Yale Lake in Washington in an amphib 185.”

The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual updated

Now available is the fourth edition of “The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual.“

The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual is designed to prepare the reader for a turbine aircraft ground school, priming for a corporate or airline interview, or upgrading to a personal jet or turboprop.

Picture of the Day: The golden hour

Matthew McCoy submitted this photo and note: “The view of Mount Hood out the window during the golden hour flying from Pendleton to Hillsboro, Oregon.”

Picture of the Day: Dual low passes

Hieu Vo submitted this photo and note: “On my way to Nha Trang City, I got a chance to capture two trikes conducting dual low passes in the coastal city of Phan Thiet, Vietnam. Flying the Para-trike is Tran Anh, while Hoang Toan is flying the Delta trike.”

Caravan: Cessna’s Swiss Army Knife With Wings!

“Caravan: Cessna’s Swiss Army Knife With Wings!” is now available as an eBook.

Known for being one of the most versatile and robust aircraft ever produced, the Cessna Caravan has become the DC-3 workhorse of our current times — as Cessna nicknames it, a “Swiss Army Knife with wings.”

Picture of the Day: Heavy clouds

Scott Golden submitted the following photo and note: “N1737T, Piper Cherokee, parked on the ramp at North County Airport (F45) in Florida after just landing with threatening skies approaching.”

Historic Maine airfield threatened

Officials with the Recreational Aviation Foundation are reporting that the town of Dover-Foxcroft in Maine is considering closing Charles A. Chase Jr. Memorial Airfield (44B) to install a four megawatt solar generating plant.

RAF Maine Liaison Andy Rowe, Steve Mason, and RAF New Hampshire Liaison John Meade are rallying pilots to protect the 2,926′ scenic airfield. Camping is encouraged on the field, and it’s within a mile from town that lines the Piscataquis River, RAF officials report.

Picture of the Day: Early morning flight out of Chilliwack

Paul Basson submitted the following photo and note: “R44 getting towed to takeoff area in preparation for an early morning flight. This was a few days before doing my flight test for a commercial helicopter license.”8

New owner takes helm at Thrush Aircraft

A 10-week restructuring process at Thrush Aircraft has been completed, with a new CEO, Mark McDonald, taking the helm of the Albany, Georgia-based company.


“The past few years have been hard for Thrush and for all of our stakeholders,” said McDonald. “But the issues the company had to overcome had little to do with the quality of our product, and nothing to do with the quality of our people. Now, as we begin a new chapter in this legendary company’s history, I can tell you that, from the factory floor to the flight line, all of us are genuinely excited about the future of this great brand.”

“Reorganization is often a fact of life in the aircraft industry – and today we are the better for it – as Thrush is now highly stable, and very well-positioned for growth and long-term success,” added Eric Rojek, vice president.

Founded in 2003, Thrush Aircraft manufactures a line of aerial application aircraft used in agriculture, forestry, and firefighting roles worldwide. There are more than 2,400 Thrush aircraft operating in about 80 countries around the world.8

Airline offers flight education grants

This year, American Airlines Pilot Recruiting & Development team are offering flight education grants with a primary focus on high schools using the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association‘s High School Aviation STEM curriculum.

AOPA and each high school have been invited to apply for a grant, which can be as high as $25,000.

Picture of the Day: Two Boeing airplanes

James Auers submitted the following photo and note: “Two very different planes manufactured by Boeing at the Fort Worth Alliance Air Show in Texas.”

Nominations open for General Aviation Awards

The General Aviation Awards Committee is now accepting nominations for the 2020 class of national honorees. 

The annual awards are presented to the National FAASTeam Representative of the Year, National Aviation Technician of the Year, and the National Certificated Flight Instructor of the Year. 

The deadline to submit nominations is 5 p.m. EST Nov. 30, 2019

Ask Paul: Can wide deck cylinders be used in my narrow-deck engine?

Q: I have a 1974 PA-32-300 and I have ordered a remanufactured Lycoming IO-540 K1A5 for it. Unfortunately, I’m learning that Lycoming has a huge cylinder manufacturing backlog and my “new” engine is delayed indefinitely pending some miracle.  

My question is this: My engine is a narrow deck, but I’ve located several cylinders for the wide-deck flavor of this engine. Would it be an option to install the wide deck version in this airplane or is that a bad idea for some reason?

Pictures of the day: The last flight of the year

Geoff Pritchard sent in the following photos with a note: “Flying the 1930 Fleet out of a mountain strip in southern British Columbia — the last flight of the year as the temperatures are a bit chilly for open cockpit flying.”

Blue skies for LSA

As another election season starts up, polling and statistics move to center stage.

For similar — although less theatrical — reasons, reporting aircraft market share information helps businesses learn what customers want. Data also help buyers learn the brands that are favored, as well as the ones that pass the test of time.

As aviation’s newest sector, Light-Sport Aircraft market shares offer the customary values to identify trends. Thanks to a new effort over the last year, the light aircraft industry has the best information in its 15-year existence.

Aerobatic flight sim updated with new aircraft, airports

Knife Edge Software and Jim Bourke Airshows have updated Acro FS, an aerobatic flight simulator, with three new aircraft and several new flying sites.

They also have released the sim free in early access.

Gemini Air Group new Twin Commander service center

Twin Commander Aircraft has named Scottsdale, Arizona-based Gemini Air Group a Twin Commander Factory Authorized Service Center.

Gemini Air Group joins a network of 12 other independently owned and operated aircraft sales, maintenance, and overhaul facilities that have the “experience, expertise, and capabilities” to service and maintain the Twin Commander fleet of legacy aircraft, according to Twin Commander Aircraft officials.

Established in 1997 as an aircraft management company by Tim Carpay, Gemini Air Group has grown to become an aircraft charter, maintenance, and services operation. The company occupies a 60,000-square-foot facility at the Scottsdale Airport (KSDL).

As part of the Twin Commander Factory Authorized Service Center network, Gemini maintenance technicians undergo factory authorized training and the company stocks genuine Twin Commander parts. 

EAA introduces online builder’s log

EAA AVIATION CENTER, OSHKOSH, Wisconsin — The Experimental Aircraft Association has introduced a new, online EAA Builder’s Log, free for all EAA members, to use to document projects and demonstrate compliance with the FAA’s 51% rule.

The online log, available at, allows members to post an unlimited number of entries, including photos, text, PDF documents, Excel files, and more, to create a detailed record of the work done on building and restoration projects.

Picture of the Day: Resting on shore

Joe McMurray submitted the following photo and note: “A Carbon Cub resting on shore at Lake Tahoe.”

Picture of the Day: I’ll never stop flying

Mike Guidry submitted the following photo and note: “Headed into the sunset in my Cardinal RG. Maybe there will come a day when I will have to let someone else take the controls, but if I have it my way, my last landing will be the day before my final landing.”

Picture of the Day: A moose hunting morning

Bill Jackson submitted the following photo and note: “Dawn breaking over Hunting Lake in Saskatchewan during a moose hunt. Slim’s Cabins C-180 and my C-185 C-GISX.”

FlightSafety to build new learning center in Houston

FlightSafety International will build a new Learning Center in Houston, Texas. Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2020.

The new building will be located in the Houston Spaceport area at the Ellington Airport. The airport currently supports the operations of the United States military, NASA, and a variety of general aviation tenants. It is also home to the annual Wings Over Houston Airshow.

Rehkop honored for 50 years of service to general aviation


Bill Rehkop, national sales manager for Aero Performance, was recognized at the National Business Aviation Association’s convention in Las Vegas Oct. 21, 2019, for his 50 years of service to general aviation.

Based at Aero Performance’s branch in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Rehkop opened the Harrisburg branch of Van Dusen in 1969 after several years in the Air Force in aircraft maintenance.

He was a sales manager for Van Dusen, Aviall, Cooper Aviation, and AAR before joining Aero Performance in 2002.

Jim Irwin, president of Aero Performance and Aircraft Spruce, presented Bill with the award celebrating his “50 years of outstanding service to thousands of pilots, aircraft owners, and aviation companies nationwide.”

Aero Performance is a distributor of aircraft parts, avionics, and pilot supplies.

Picture of the Day: Where the destination is as great as the journey

Sue Haun submitted the following photo and note: “When adventure calls, takeoff to Alpine Airport (46U) and the smiles will start rolling in.”

Calendar showcases works of art

Sherwin-Williams officials say they found the “best-of-the-best,” from business jets, to general aviation airplanes and helicopters, with both classic and custom-painted designs, to feature in the company’s 2020 Aerospace Coatings Calendar.

“For our 2020 calendar, we had a record number of entries — a 65% increase over our inaugural edition in 2019,” says Julie Voisin, Sherwin-Williams Global Marketing Manager for aerospace coatings. “With all the submissions it was extremely difficult to narrow it down to only 13 finalists, including one for each month plus one for the front cover.”

The cover features a Van’s Aircraft RV-8 by Evoke Aviation, designed by Plane Schemer.

Picture of the Day: Fall colors

Mike Kincaid submitted this photo and note: “Fall colors over Lake Coeur d’ Alene in Idaho from a Super Cub.”


Have a Long-EZ Christmas

Sporty’s Crystal Christmas Ornament is an annual tradition for pilots, flight schools, FBOs, and aviation enthusiasts. This year’s ornament features Burt Rutan’s popular Long-EZ.

“You could no doubt fill an entire Christmas tree with ornaments featuring Burt Rutan’s designs,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman.  “This year, we chose one of his most popular aircraft with the Long-EZ.”

t was 40 years ago this past June that the Long-EZ completed its first flight. With a cruise speed of 144 mph and a maximum speed of 185 mph, the Long-EZ is fuel-efficient and its 2,000-mile range makes it ideal for long-distance flight.

Sporty’s custom-etched Long-EZ Ornament includes a red ribbon for hanging, along with an insert card describing the airplane. Boxed for gift giving, Sporty’s 2019 Crystal Christmas Ornament is available for $24.9.

Picture of the Day: Dawn Patrol

Les Taylor submitted this photo and note: “My M-20K sits on the ramp at Yellowstone Regional Airport (KCOD) in Cody, Wyoming, ready for a non-stop dawn patrol to Three Rivers in Haines, Michigan.”


Mexico to accept BasicMed pilots

Pilots flying under BasicMed will be able to travel to Mexico in their aircraft starting Dec. 10, 2019, under a policy letter signed by Mexico’s Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics Oct. 11, 2019.

In recognizing BasicMed, Mexico joins The Bahamas as a BasicMed-friendly destination. The Bahamas recognized BasicMed soon after the new form of aviation medical certification took effect in May 2017.

Picture of the Day: 11-year-old’s first lesson

Jacqueline Norris submitted the following photos and a note: “Zoë Norris, 11, wants to be a pilot. Foothill’s Regional Airport in Western, N.C., is helping her get her start. Along with her CFI, Ben Shelton, she is seen here doing her preflight checklist and then inflight at the controls.”

Limited edition Michael Goulian-designed watch released

To celebrate the last race of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship which took place in Chiba, Japan, on Sept. 7-8, 2019, Alpina and air racer Michael Goulian launched a new AlpinerX watch limited to just 250 pieces.

Goulian designed the watch himself using the AlpinerX configurator, finetuning it to match the new colors of his airshow plane. You can see a yellow inner ring and a matching strap with the Team 99 logo at 2 o’clock on this one-of-a-kind AlpinerX smartwatch.

Picture of the Day: Airport rainbow

Ron Stock submitted this photo and note: “Nothing beats arriving at the airport to a beautiful rainbow.”

Girls in Aviation Day reaches 20,000 girls

With 118 events worldwide, Women in Aviation International’s Girls in Aviation Day 2019, held Oct. 5, reached approximately 20,000 attendees.

Truly an international event, Girls in Aviation Day events were held in the United States, Australia, Botswana, Cameroon, Canada, England, France, India, Kenya, Italy, Netherlands, Nigeria, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, and Zambia.

FAA completes final ADS-B milestone

The FAA completed its final implementation milestone with Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS-B) in September 2019, when the last two of the 155 airports to receive ADS-B, Akron-Canton Airport and Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport, both in Ohio, became operational.

“This brings the operational rollout of ADS-B baseline services to a successful conclusion, on schedule and within budget, well in advance of Jan. 1, 2020, the date by which aircraft flying in certain, controlled airspace must be equipped with the technology,” FAA officials said in a prepared release.

Picture of the Day: Unexpected Albatross sighting

Hayman Tam submitted the following photo and note: “While on a trip to Orlando, I stumbled across this Grumman HU-16 Albatross on display. Named ‘Hemisphere Dancer’, it belongs to singer Jimmy Buffett who obtained it in the 1990s and restored it to flight status. In 2003 he retired the aircraft and placed it here outside one of his restaurants.”

Picture of the Day: Resting after a long day

Rafael Cortes submitted the following photo and note: “My Zenith Zodiac 601XL resting at Beaumont, Texas, after a long flight. It needed some sleep (or maybe I needed some sleep) before another long flight back home to San Antonio the next day.”

New FBO in the works at KGRR

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan — Construction has begun on a new Avflight FBO at Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

The new facility includes a 5,000-square-foot FBO building, plus a 30,000-square-foot hangar on the airport’s east side.

Avflight, with 21 locations worldwide, plans to add more than 30 new jobs at the new FBO and will make a $6 million to $7 million capital investment at KGRR, according to company officials.

The new facility is expected to open Spring 2020.

Picture of the Day: Smoke on, go!

Gord McNulty submitted the following photo and note: “The Royal Air Force Red Arrows Aerobatic Team dazzled at the 70th anniversary Canadian International Air Show, held over the Lake Ontario waterfront at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. The Red Arrows, representing the United Kingdom and showcasing ‘the best of British,’ fly nine British-built BAE Systems Hawk T1 fast jets in their display.”

Helicopter Maintenance back in print

Avotek has brought back the out-of-print textbook, “Helicopter Maintenance,” by Joseph Schafer.

“This industry favorite has been used by many professionals and schools throughout the years and is regarded as the go-to resource in the helicopter maintenance training field,” Avotek officials noted.

Schafer, a well-known and highly respected figure in helicopter maintenance education, had a passion for training helicopter technicians. He wrote Helicopter Maintenance and its student workbook so he would have resources to use in teaching. He wrote them on a notepad, and his wife typed them on a typewriter.

All of this hard work paid off when they were published in 1980. The books are still instrumental in helicopter maintenance training as schools continue to use them today, Avoteck officials said.

The textbook includes 10 chapters, including: Helicopters in Use Today; Principles of Flight; Documentation, Publications, and Historical Records; Helicopter Fundamentals; Main Rotor System; Mast and Flight Controls; Main Rotor Transmissions; Powerplants; Tail Rotors; and Airframe and Related Systems.

The textbook can be purchased for $49.95 at Avotek’s website.


New FBO, hangar in works at KMTH

Construction has begun on a new FBO and hangar complex for Marathon Aviation at Marathon International Airport (KMTH) in the Florida Keys.

Newly unveiled plans include an Ernest Hemingway-inspired FBO facility with relaxation and recreation areas and outdoor viewing decks.

The new hangar, with 28′ doors, is located for easy taxiway, runway, and highway access, according to FBO officials.

Foundation work has started, and construction will continue throughout the rest of 2019 with an anticipated opening in early 2020, officials add.

Marathon Aviation boasts expedited customs, 24/7 service, a direct from UG448 approach, concierge support, and a 5,008′ runway.




Picture of the Day: Seaplane landing near Mount Saint Helens

Matt McCoy submitted the following photo and note: “My nephew Zachary captured this picture of an amphib 185 landing on Yale Lake in Washington State.”

NH bank introduces general aviation aircraft financing

MANCHESTER, N.H. — NBT Bank recently introduced small aircraft financing to its lineup of lending products.

Leading the new effort is Doug Place, a private pilot who has more than 15 years of experience in the financial services industry.

NBT is offering loans for single and twin-engine planes flown by their owners through a collaboration with Air Fleet Capital.

Drone avoidance system in the works for pilots

Drone Traffic, an aviation research and development start-up in Denver, Colorado, has won a NASA grant to create an airborne drone monitoring, reporting, and avoidance system for aircraft pilots.

Drone Traffic and its partner Mosaic ATM recently received a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant to begin the first phase of the project.

According to company officials, the FAA estimates that 2.4 million drones have been sold in the United States. While most drones operate safely, the FAA continues to document more than 100 unsafe drone operations a month, including airspace violations, near-collisions, and actual collisions.

Drone Traffic founder Rick Zelenka, a patent attorney, former NASA engineer and Boeing executive, as well as a longtime pilot, recognized the need for an airborne real-time drone avoidance system and patented his solution.

The product resembles popular car-driving apps that alert drivers to important traffic risk — think Waze for pilots.

The airborne drone avoidance system acquires drone information from a variety of sources, including airborne and ground-based radar, air traffic management databases, and pilot crowd-sourcing. The system enables pilots to report drone presence and transgressions, creating a pathway to a safer flight, according to company officials.

A graphical user interface provides current flight status, future trajectory information, and safety-focused drone warning information embedded within 2D and 3D mapping displays, company officials explained. The product can be stand-alone or a supplement to existing flight applications in a pilot’s electronic flight bag, officials add.

Picture of the Day: Final OSH19 sunset

Carl Martin submitted the following photo and note: “Carl Martin, of Houston’s Lone Star Squadron, took this picture of his RV6A on July 27, 2019, with the final sunset of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2019. This was his second consecutive year to fly into AirVenture.”


Picture of the Day: First flight

Barry Desselles submitted the following photo and note: “Taking a friend up for the first time in Hammond, Louisiana, in my 172B.”

Colt approved as Special LSA

Texas Aircraft Manufacturing‘s Colt Light Sport Aircraft has received FAA approval under ASTM standards as a Special-LSA.The factory-built Colt S-LSA is produced by Texas Aircraft at its Hondo, Texas, production facility and is delivered to customers ready to fly. Because of its S-LSA classification, the Colt can be maintained by either a licensed FAA mechanic or a technician holding a current FAA LSA maintenance rating.

Picture of the Day: Waiting for the storms to pass

Matt McCoy submitted the following photo and note: “Stopped in Baker City, Oregon, to wait out the storms ahead en route to Boise on my longest cross country flight to date.”

Picture of the Day: Mooney sunset flight

Michael Williams submitted the following photo and note: “I captured this unique view of my 1965 Mooney C (“Lola”) at the Santa Rosa, California, airport getting ready for a San Francisco Golden Gate Bay tour flight at sunset on Sunday Sept. 15, 2019.”

Blue Line Aviation breaks ground on $13 million facility at KJNX

Blue Line Aviation, a flight school near Raleigh, N.C., has broken ground on its new training facility at Johnston Regional Airport (KJNX).

The $13-million project, a 40,531-square-foot training and hangar space, is expected to be finished in late 2020, when Blue Line will officially move its headquarters from Raleigh-Durham International Airport (KRDU), where it has been since its founding in 2012.Over the next 10 years, the Blue Line Aviation Complex is expected to create approximately 134 new jobs and employ approximately 300 people, according to company officials.

The new aviation complex will feature hangar space, a professional pilot training center, a restaurant and rooftop terrace, a simulator room, executive and administrative offices, briefing rooms, and technical services.

The restaurant will be home to “Flights,” owned by Chef Nate Roby and Colleen Roby, owners of “Simple Twist,” which has three locations in Johnston County, along with “Simple Twist Taproom” in Smithfield, North Carolina.

Aircraft Spruce Midwest officially opens

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. held a Grand Opening at its new facility in West Chicago Sept. 7, 2019.

Several hundred customers attended the event, which included complimentary lunch. A number of manufacturers, including Garmin, Bose, Lightspeed, Whelen, Concorde, Gill, Champion, Tempest, APS, Superflite, Icom, Yaesu, and Corrosion X, were on hand to display their products.

Officials with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and local EAA Chapter 579 also participated.

Operations at the Chicago facility started March 1, but Jim and Nanci Irwin made it official by cutting the ribbon at the Grand Opening.

Aircraft Spruce Midwest is located in a 52,000-square-foot warehouse situated between DuPage and Aurora airports. It joins other Aircraft Spruce locations in Corona, California, Peachtree City, Georgia, and Brantford, Ontario, in Canada.

Prep for instrument and commercial tickets at the same time

The sixth edition of “The Complete Advanced Pilot” has just been released by ASA.

The new edition helps pilots “streamline their efforts by preparing for the instrument rating and the commercial certificate simultaneously,” ASA officials said.

“Author Bob Gardner applies practical information so readers are not only prepared for the exams, but also for the cockpit,” officials add.

Included in the new edition are internet resources for weather charts, full color examples of those weather charts, updated review questions, and resource website links. Each chapter concludes with sample FAA test questions. A glossary and index are included, as well as an approach chart legend appendix.

The softcover 496-page book is priced at $49.95, while the eBook is $44.95. You can get both in a bundle for $59.95.

Picture of the Day: Grassroots flying

Neil Angus submitted the following photo and note: “GA as it should be…”

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Kids can earn free airshow tickets

PUNTA GORDA, Florida — Students in kindergarten through fifth grade can earn free tickets to the Florida International Air Show, slated for Nov. 1-3, 2019. 

All they have to do is read an aviation-related book and write three things they learned about aviation or liked about the book.

There is a form parents must fill out and submit to the student’s teacher. The form must also include a short summary, with length determined by the teacher.

Home school students also have the opportunity to earn their free ticket. Parents can email the form, which must be signed by the parent, to

Once the form is submitted, students will earn a free ticket and can choose what day they would like to attend the event. They must, however, be accompanied by adult who paid admission.

Tickets will be distributed Oct. 28.

Picture of the Day: Camping in the Idaho backcountry

Marian Jensen submitted the following photo and note: “Mike Latta, retired American Airlines captain, takes it easy after flying into Moose Creek, Idaho, for a C-180 backcountry camping trip. Life is tough.

Pursue your dreams of flight


EAA AVIATION CENTER, OSHKOSH, Wisconsin — The EAA Aviation Foundation will accept applications for flight training scholarships through Nov. 1, 2019.

Applications are open to all ages, for any flight school in the U.S., and any rating or pilot certificate. Applicants need not be an EAA member.

More information on the scholarship opportunities and application guidelines are available at

Scholarships are required to be used within one year of the award date. The minimum award is $5,000.

Latest edition of ‘The Instrument Flight Manual’ released

Just released is the eighth edition of “The Instrument Flight Manual” by Bill Kershner.

Updated by William C. Kershner, the new edition presents the basics of instrument flying with illustrations that aid understanding, according to officials with ASA.

Subjects include airplane performance and basic instrument flying, navigation and communications, clearances, planning IFR flight, and carrying out the instrument flight from preflight, takeoff and departure, en route, through to the approach and landing phases.

This book also helps prepare students for the knowledge and practical tests, with an opportunity to practice a scenario IFR flight, including clearances, according to ASA officials.

Additionally, an “Instrument Rating Syllabus” is provided for the instrument trainee and the CFII.

The softcover 384-page book is priced at $39.95, while the eBook is priced at $34.95. You can get both in a bundle for $49.95.

NBAA activates its hurricane response database

As Hurricane Dorian impacts the Bahamas, Florida, and the Southeastern United States, the National Business Aviation Association has activated its Humanitarian Emergency Response Operator (HERO) database.

This compiles information on business aviation companies that are ready to assist with flying in supplies and other efforts in the wake of the storm. This information is then shared with organizations coordinating relief efforts.

You can register for the hurricane response database on the NBAA’s website, as well as find out information on ways you can help.

New podcast tells the year-round story of SUN ‘n FUN


SUN ‘n FUN Radio has created a new podcast, Chats from the Deck, The Podcast.

The podcast was created “to help spread the word about the year-round happenings on the SUN ‘n FUN campus,” said Dave Shallbetter, SUN ‘n FUN Radio chairman.

The first episode, “SUN ‘n FUN, it’s not just for April anymore,” was done as a special live broadcast premiere on July 13, 2019, he said.

“It ran long as a lot of it was introducing hosts and guests,” he noted.

Future episodes will be pre-recorded and released every other month. Episode 2 is scheduled to be released Sept. 15, 2019.

Picture of the Day: My favorite co-pilot


Michael Hamlett submitted the following photo and note: “On a cool March morning, it’s time to go flying with N6577W, my 1965 Cherokee 140, and my favorite co-pilot, my daughter. She loves to fly and enjoys just watching the scenery beneath go by. She doesn’t ask many questions, just watches. Her first flight with me at 10 years old ended in the ever popular, “do you want to drive the plane back to the ramp?” I turned off the runway and she grabbed the yoke with both hands, made the 90° turns onto the taxiway and all the way to the ramp for a perfect parking job. We all know my feet did the work, but to a 10 year old, she was all smiles and concentration!”

Picture of the Day: Oshkosh sunset

Jan Puetthoff submitted the following photo and note: “Oshkosh sunset after all Saturday storms passed.”

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Picture of the Day: Flying Tiger

Kent Shoemaker submitted the following photo and note: “A P-40 in Flying Tiger markings. This bird flew into EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2019 and commanded a lot of attention among the P-51s and T-6s.”


First drone beyond line of sight flight successful


FAIRBANKS, Alaska — Skyfront‘s Perimeter 4 long-range hybrid gas-electric drone successfully performed the first civilian beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) flight without visual observers under the FAA’s Part 107 rules.

This flight is a significant step toward the safe integration of unmanned aerial vehicles into the national airspace, according to company and FAA officials.

In the video below, FAA Program Manager Robert Huber and Skyfront CEO Troy Mestler discuss details of flight:



Free Airport Adventure Day at KGNB

A free Airport Adventure Day for preschoolers has been slated for Sept. 6, 2019, at Granby/Grand County Airport (KGNB) in Colorado.

Because preschool children are so inquisitive and curious about the world around them, this is a perfect opportunity to see real airplanes and meet pilots, officials noted.

AutoGyro MT-03

The AutoGyro MT-03 is one of five AutoGyro aircraft on display at the EAA Aviation Museum, two of which (including the MT-03) are world record holding aircraft.

The annual Open House will be held rain or shine because the Emily Warner Field Aviation Museum has a number of interactive “learn and do” aviation history activities for children. 

This free community event begins at 10:30 a.m. in the former Rocky Mountain Airways airline terminal building.

The free event is hosted by the volunteers of the Grand County Historical Association Emily Warner Field Aviation Museum and Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 1267. 

Picture of the Day: First flight


Richard Brown submitted the following photo and note: “My wife and I had the opportunity to take a couple of the young women from her church group flying in our Mooney. Neither one had ever been in a small plane before, and one had only flown commercial once as a very young child. We took them to Camarillo to watch the air show. This is departing Fullerton. You can feel their excitement!

Picture of the Day: Summer fun on the grass


Andrew Lyons submitted the following photo and note: “Dropped into N41 in Waterbury, Connecticut, with my Cessna 172P on a beautiful August afternoon to stretch my legs and enjoy the weather for a bit. Great little airport with two grass runways in the hills north of Waterbury.”

Cathay Pacific CEO resigns following protests in Hong Kong

August 16, 2019 BY Airline Econcmics
Cathay Pacific chief executive Rupert Hogg has resigned following the protests in Hong Kong.
Following Hogg is Paul Loo who is leaving his position as chief customer and commercial officer.
In a statement, Hogg said: “These have been challenging weeks for the airline and it is right that Paul and I take responsibility as leaders of the company.”
Last week, Cathay Pacific had told its staff it would not stop them joining the pro-democracy demonstrations currently sweeping Hong Kong.
However, on Monday, Hogg warned staff they could be fired if they “support or participate in illegal protests” in Hong Kong, as pressure from Beijing intensifies. 
Cathay Pacific said in a statement that Hogg had been replaced by Tang Kin Wing Augustus and Loo by Ronald Lam.

Picture of the Day: My new co-pilot

David Baldwin sent in this photo with a note: “For his 6th birthday, I took my grandson Jayce up for his first flight in the Kitfox. My new copilot, showing thumbs up, ready to fly. He had a great time!”

Picture of the Day: My new co-pilot

David Baldwin sent in this photo with a note: “For his 6th birthday, I took my grandson Jayce up for his first flight in the Kitfox. My new copilot, showing thumbs up, ready to fly. He had a great time!”

Picture of the Day: Flying into the sunset

James Mondik submitted the following photo and note: “Flying into the sunset.”

Picture of the Day: Flying into the sunset

James Mondik submitted the following photo and note: “Flying into the sunset.”

Picture of the Day: Flying into the sunset

James Mondik submitted the following photo and note: “Flying into the sunset.”